Country Sew N Sew
25 Becker Terrace, Tintinara, South Australia 5266

Rachael from Country Sew N Sew has been creating made to order products and retailing lines that she loves, from home for 8 years.

Starting close to her home town, she came to Tintinara SA and brought the business with her. Working for Phil and Sandy at Candy Canvas by day and running her own small enterprise in her ‘spare time’ gives her an added depth of experience, that made it seem like an excellent idea to take over when Phil and Sandy decided to retire.

By blending her own Country Sew N Sew with the multi-award winning Candy Canvas, Rachael still offers the same great range with fabulous service. Having been established for 20 years, the range has built up to include swags, canvas bags, seat covers, homeweares, giftwares and so much more. We are also equipped to create custom-made goods and perform repairs to both PVC and canvas items.
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Sandgroper Sandboards
PO Box 2332, Port Lincoln, South Australia 5606

Sandgroper Sand Boards
Sandgroper sand boards are hand crafted in Australia using the finest of materials. No factory process can ever create the curve and flexibility that makes each board so unique.

Our Sandboard range includes
Sandgroper – A narrow board with straps designed for stand up sand boarding for tricks or speed, generally for adults.

Scorpion Boards -A wide board with side handles designed to sit toboggan style and sand board with fun and safety, generally for kids and families. Full details of our range.

Sandgroper boards are made with serious riders in mind. A fast, smooth ride is achieved without compromising strength, flex and a quality that even grandma would enjoy!

Sandgroper sand boards have been built for fun but were started for a reason read how it came about. – in short we could not find a long lasting quality board with speed and “attitude”.

These quality Australian products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 6 months. Not designed for jumps or beach [waters edge] use.

Sandgroper Sand Boards have designed & tested our Sandgroper Sand Boards, on the fantastic extensive sand hills of Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay, National Parks on Eyre Peninsula South Australia.
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(08) 8682 3888
Royal Wolf
160 Churchill Rd, North Cavan, South Australia 5094

With 31 facilities including 28 Customer Service Centres located throughout Australia & New Zealand, Royal Wolf is proud to be Australasia’s largest container provider. We specialise in the hire, sale & modification of new & refurbished shipping containers. Royal Wolf has 20 years of experience & a commitment to providing superior customer service. We offer a wide range of shipping container & portable building products to suit your every need.

When dealing with Royal Wolf, you can be confident you’re dealing with a professional team who understand the shipping container industry & are committed to finding the perfect solution for you.

Royal Wolf’s dedication to product development & innovation has resulted in an extensive container product range for sale, with many of our products now the industry standard for their application. Our product range continually expands as our customers turn to us to assist in creating solutions to suit their individual needs. We can customise our shipping containers to create a tailor made solution to meet your requirements.

As Australasia’s leading supplier of shipping containers, Royal Wolf provide quality products & services to over 20,000 businesses & individuals each year. The key to the cost effectiveness of a container is its portability & strength, even after considerable modifications. Royal Wolf’s clients are choosing shipping containers as a flexible solution to portable storage needs & are reaping the rewards of the container’s long life.

Contact Royal Wolf container sales for more information on how we can assist you with your needs.
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(08) 8260 3188
MGA Insurance Brokers
176 Fullarton Road, Dulwich South Australia 5065

MGA Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd specialises in General Insurances over a broad spectrum of industries throughout Australia. The company commenced operations in 1975. MGA is now amongst the top three privately controlled Insurance Brokerages in Australia with 35 offices throughout all mainland states of Australia. Today, MGA has over 57,000 clients with a gross written premium of more than $200m. MGA provides a wide range of services and is 49% owned by Austbrokers Holdings Limited, a publicly listed company with over $2bn premiums generated by it’s members and subsidiaries

Services we provide:

  • General Insurance Broking
  • Advice and Placements
  • Claims Management
  • International Placements
  • Risk Management
  • Premium Funding

Our Markets
MGA utilise all major Australian insurers, as well as selected international security. Our market access is as broad as our experience in any number of specialised insurance markets. Our major insurer markets follow us in all regions, which have a diverse product mix, from rural covers to high-rise residential strata and from home insurance to corporate aviation. A single insurer can be the best in their field with a particular product, however, there is no single insurer that provides the best products for all classes of business. This is why the very best insurance programs will often have more than one Insurer involved. This is something we can do easily with our market access and the way in which we work for you to make it easy to access a very broad range of insurers.
(08) 8291 2300
Humbugz Honey
35 East Terrace Kingston SE, South East, South Australia 5275

David was born and raised a country boy in Kingston South Australia and Frances knew no other life than that of the city being raised in Melbourne Victoria.

In October 1984 they met in the Pacific ocean on what was then called the Love boat.

They were married in May 1985. Their first son was born in 1986 and every year for the next four years another son was born.

During this time David ran a successful sawmilling business . After …… and a few very close encounters with the mill, a change was needed and they decided to buy a school bus run. It was during this time that David thought he would try his hand at a hobby he had always thought about, beekeeping. Having the school run allowed him to work with the bees and experiment with building his own equipment during the day until school finished.

What started out as a hobby with 7 bee hives in the backyard quickly began to expand to the point where in 2004 a business name was needed and Humbugz honey became a registered business selling honey to packers and the local supermarket.

Over the past 2 years Humbugz has seen significant growth in hive numbers and now have 600 working hives. Enough work to enable them to employ one of their sons seasonally on a full time basis.

Today Humbugz honey is available Australia wide and is highly sought after internationally . Unfortunately at this stage , demand internationally far outweighs the ability to supply without compromising quality.

We are passionate about our products and believe wholeheartedly in what we are doing for you and the environment.
+61 8 87672972
Gadaleta Steel Fabrication
12 Wattle Street, Port Pirie South Australia 5540
25 Jacobs Street, Whyalla, South Australia 5600
  • For over a century, the Spencer Gulf region of South Australia has been a major contributor to Australia’s industrial revolution; energy – transport – construction – mining and minerals processing.
  • From this industrial landscape, Gadaleta Steel Fabrication was established to service the industrial heavy weights in the region.
  • With guaranteed solutions for building anything in steel, Gadaleta Steel Fabrication has developed into an industry leader and one of the nation’s premier heavy steel fabricators.
  • Gadaleta Steel Fabrication has been providing a wide range of solutions for a broad base of industry clients for 20 years.
  • Managing Director of GSF, Sam Gadaleta, learnt his trade as a boilermaker welder. Steel fabrication is in Sam’s DNA. He has over 30 years experience in Steel Fabrication and a long family history of working with steel.
  • Gadaleta Steel Fabrication have been providing solutions for energy producers, transport, construction, mining and minerals processing clients for 20 years.
  • Workshops located in Port Pirie and Whyalla (South Australia) – undertaking large and small scale projects.
  • Proven track record of project delivery.
  • Strong focus on OH&S – with an exemplary OH&S record.
  • Long standing relationships with a broad base of industry clients.
08 8633 0996
08 8633 0997
Flinders Cycles, Outdoors & Leisure
1 Hospital Road, Port Augusta, South Australia

Flinders Cycles, Outdoors & Leisure Provides

Bicycles, Bike accessories, Cycle clothing, Home Brew Supplies, Distilling equipment, Outdoors and Leisure Supplies, Ammunition and Shooting Supplies

We can supply our products to the following regions:

Port Augusta, Far North, Upper North, Flinders Ranges, Roxby Downs, Woomera, West Coast and Eyre Peninsula

08 8641 0269
Stockowners Shearing Australia
25 Lindsay Road, Lonsdale SA 5160

Stockowners Shearing has been servicing the Australian Shearing Industry for over 60 years. We have a complete range of products including:

  • Shearing combs
  • Shearing cutters
  • Shearer’s clothing Stockshear & Fagan
  • Handpieces Lister & Supershear
  • Accessories
  • Supershear pendulum
  • Grinders Lister & Supershear
  • Shearing plants Lister Shearleader & Lister Nexus Pro
  • Portable shearing plant
  • Dominator Woolpress
08 8321 9155
08 83811988