Teams of the Year for 2018

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Twelve years ago in 2007, the editor Luke Hosie was innovative and decided to bring out “Teams of the Year” across all divisions of the SAAFL. He believed players across every senior grade deserved this honour and not just division 1 footballers. The SAAFL had long brought out their division 1 team of the year but failed to recognise the contributions of players and coaches in all grades. This needed to change and change it has thanks to Luke, and his desire to reward players across all divisions.

Luke approached the SAAFL about the prospect of working together in bringing out “Teams of the Year” across each division of the league, but the SAAFL refused to support these teams and refused to endorse the concept. Still to this day, the SAAFL do not recognise these teams.

Unperturbed by the lack of support shown by the SAAFL, Luke pressed ahead anyway, and assembled players and coaches of the day, to pick “Teams of the Year” across all divisions. He chose 3-4 selectors from each division to pick these sides. That winning formula from 10 years ago, still works extremely well today. Now 154 players and the premiership coaches across all grades are rewarded each and every year, for their outstanding seasons in football.

Those selection criteria from 10 years ago until now, hasn’t changed. Selectors each year, are either current players, current coaches, or past players. We only have selectors who have played the game and are currently involved in the grade they select. Teams are picked PRIOR to medal counts. Being a medal winner is purely an umpire’s opinion.

With 7 teams selected each and every year, we offer our congratulations to all 154 players and the coaches chosen. The “Coach of the Year” in each grade is ALWAYS the premiership coach.

Each year we bring out all “Teams of the Year” during the division 1 grand final week.


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